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Educational method based on one of the top cognitive psychology theories.

“A child learns 10% of what he hears, 30% of what he sees and 90% of that with which he interacts”

Base científica

Our learning philosophy is based on the theories of prestigious Doctors of North American education Stephen Krashen and Tracy Terell

These experts establish a clear difference between the acquisition and learning of languages. The acquisition happens with the first language and the learning with the second. These doctors defend that the second language should be interiorized through a process of acquisition.

At NannySpeaking and SpeakingSchool we base our methodology on their studies. Our system is based on learning though day to day usage of the language. The classes are given in environments the children are used to (the kitchen, the park, etc...) to create situations that facilitate the learning process.


The programme has been designed by a team of teaching specialists directed by an expert educator in teaching English.

We have developed a programme that allows the student to acquire the language naturally with a clear objective: The children learn in a natural way, the same way the learn the mother tongue.

The strategy that the programme follows is orientated towards interactive stimulation. They learn in a natural environment, children and teenagers interact with the environment to introduce themselves to the English language in an easy and spontaneous way

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