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Every specialist in learning English recommends a high quality English. The two keys factors to this are: personalization of the learning process and adequate phonetics based on learning with native speakers.

It’s preferable to have classes of a few hours of high quality English than a lot of hours of lower quality.


For the students to acquire a correct pronunciation they must learn through a native English speaker. A teacher with a lot of experience could have bad habits and not have an open mind to use such a different and innovating system.

A native teacher is more qualified for a method of teaching that comes from everyday life. The phonetics a native offers facilitates the acquisition of an adequate accent, which is one of the biggest difficulties of learning a new language. The student’s brain gets used to thinking in English which is the key to learning.

The teachers are selected by our human resource team. The selection process consists of various steps: curricular information review, thorough on line interview, evaluation of response to an excersize based on a theoretic situation and final decision about incorporation.


One educator for one, two or three students. This allows better concentration and the opportunities to use the language are increased. The contact between student and teacher is more personal.

Interacting with one or two students facilitates an increased number of stimuli. Children and teenagers have different opportunities to make contact with the language.

High Quality English

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