Educational method for children aged 3 to 11 years
  • - Native teachers for one, two or three children.
  • - The child learns at home playing and having fun.
  • - Learn English like a mother tongue language.
Educational method for children aged 11 to 18 years
  • - Native teachers for one, two or three children.
  • - Acquire better fluency to communicate in English.
  • - The teenagers live real life experiences in another language.


Native teachers
Native teachers
Carefully selected from our human resources team to find an ideal profile.
Adapted to your needs
Adapted to your needs
We promise to listen to you and try to adapt to your needs. When possible you can choose the time and day.
To facilitate your work-life balance the classes are in your home.
Submission of periodic reports
Envío de informes periódicos
We periodically send reports to inform you of the development of your child.

Educational method based on one of the top cognitive psychology theories:
“A child learns 10% of what he hears, 30% of what he sees and 90% of that with which he interacts”
They learn in their environment, feel comfortable and want to learn.
They learn correct pronunciation.
They learn vocabulary associating with real objects.
The close contact with a native speaker gives them more opportunities to use the language.
Differences between our method and an Academy
Nuestro método
  • Adapted to your timetable
  • At home
  • One teacher for one, two or three students
  • Activities applied to your necessities
  • Adequate and innovating educational strategy
  • Teaching method adapted to the student
  • They decide what time
  • You have to go to the academy
  • One teacher for big groups
  • Traditional classroom system
  • Obsolete educational strategy
  • The same teaching method for everyone

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In the mass media:

  • La Verdad
    Speaking School uses the technique “LearningByDoing” teaching method based on the use of objects.
  • Cadena Cope
    “Through our computer software we identify the best teaching method for each student and provide the teacher with an adequate teaching method”
  • La Opinión / Cadena Ser
    “The company Speaking School and the town hall of Murcia organize an English Olimpics for children from 4 to 9 years old”